Lett Up Productions, an Atlanta based music production company caters to the up and coming young artists in all genres of music.

Lett Up Productions, led by CEO Michael Lett, Sr., was established and licensed in the winter of 2005.

Though we have only been in existence for a short time, through the determination of the CEO & dedicated staff, we have gained the respect of local political figures, political groups, and many entertainment organizations.

Lett Up Productions motto is “Make today’s believers tomorrow’s achievers”. Always remember, Don’t Give Up, Lett UP.

We are currently working with 10-15 young artists by managing, producing, and assisting them in all areas of their profession.

We have the resources to mold & develop the careers of our artists by using a hands on approach to improve performance skills and to help them master their art through studio time & on stage appearances.

The company has established relationships with many in the recording & television industry and has access to professional studios.

If you believe strongly in yourself and the ability God has blessed you with, or know of someone trying to get their music out and heard, please click here to contact us.

We can make it happen. Remember, Don’t give up….Lett UP…..